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Office chair wheels

Need casters for your office chair? We offer different types of premium office chair castors suitable for different floor types.


Office chair wheels

Office chair castors

Office chair casters provide maximum mobility and flexibility while working at a desk. Thanks to office chair castors, you can easily roll to the furthest point of your desk to grab a book or from workstation to workstation. Do the wheels on your current office chair no longer roll well? Or does your new office chair not have the right wheels for your floor? Then you will find the right wheels for your situation in our extensive range of office chair castors. Our office chair castors are not only suitable for office chairs or other types of chairs, they are also suitable as furniture castors under furniture.

Office chair castors for hard and soft floors

Wheels for office chairs have either a hard or a soft tread. Depending on the hardness of the tread, office chair castors are suitable for hard floors or soft floors. Hard office chair castors are suitable for soft floors such as carpets or rugs. This is because hard wheels offer less friction and thus glide smoothly over soft surfaces. In contrast, soft office chair castors are suitable for hard floors such as laminate, parquet, tiles, PVC, wood or concrete. Soft wheels provide more friction, making the office chair less likely to slip or slip away. Soft office chair casters also prevent damage to the floor with their soft coating.

Which office chair castors to choose

Type of floor

The most important thing in your search for the right casters for your office chair is to determine which type of floor the office chair casters should be suitable for. Usually, soft castors are suitable for hard floors and hard castors for soft floors. Are you looking for office chair casters for laminate? Then choose a soft wheel.


The fixing of the wheel also plays a role in your choice. The type of fitting of your new office chair castors should correspond to how the current castors are fitted. In our range, you will find castors with top plate, pin and threaded pin fittings. For example, there are office chair castors with a 36.5 x 36.5mm top plate and with an M8 threaded pin.

Brakeable swivel chair castors

Office chair castors come in different variants: as a braked swivel castor and an unbraked swivel castor. The choice of an unbraked or braked castor depends entirely on your own preference. A castor with a brake can obviously be put on the brake so that it no longer rolls. An unbraked castor remains mobile.

Load capacity

You should also pay attention to the carrying capacity of the office chair castors. Do you have an office chair suitable for a heavier weight? Then choose castors with a corresponding load capacity.

Office chair castors at Logihub

We deliver high quality office chair casters at a competitive price. Because we have a large stock, we can deliver almost all office chair casters directly from stock. Your new office chair wheels will be delivered quickly and cheaply. Do you find it difficult to choose? Then our team of specialists is ready to answer all your questions.

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