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Ordering castors & wheels at Logihub

Easily buy castor wheels online, that's possible at Logihub. We have an extensive range of various swivel wheels and fixed wheels for diverse applications. We supply our wheels to both individuals and companies. Whether you need small wheels for your office chair or large heavy-duty castor wheels, at Logihub, you'll find all the wheels you need!

The most comprehensive selection of wheels online

No matter what kind of castor wheels you are looking for, we have selected wheels for you in every category. As specialists, we know that each project requires a specific wheel. With such a wide assortment of wheels, it can sometimes be challenging to make the right choice. To simplify that decision, we have a product finder available on our website. If you need assistance, feel free to contact our wheel specialists at customer service.

At Logihub we have a huge variety of wheels in our catalogue. Our wheel assortment includes small castors for your furniture, appliance wheels, trolley wheels, nylon wheels, PU wheels, stainless steel wheels for food applications, wheelbarrow wheels, heavy-duty castor wheels for machinery and scaffolding wheels. Additionally, we set trends with our black wheels, which look great both indoors and outdoors under your furniture.

All our wheels can be divided into three categories: wheels, castor wheels and fixed wheels. The difference between these last two types of wheels is actually quite simple. A swivel wheel, as the name suggests, can swivel. In a bend, a swivel wheel turns easily, so that the bend can be made smoothly. After reading this, you might be able to guess what a fixed castor is. A fixed wheel can only drive up and down and therefore does not turn when a bend is made. Both wheels have their advantages and we also sell both types with and without brakes.

In addition to standard wheels, we also develop custom wheels. This involves assembling the best materials and developing new unique ways to produce wheels. For example, our vintage retro wheels line has a special process that gives the wheels a unique vintage appearance in the market. We offer 2D or 3D drawings of our assortment, and in some cases, CAD or STEP drawings are also available upon request. At Logihub, we strive for quality, which is why the majority of our customers are businesses who are familiar with the quality of our wheels. We also supply the same products to individuals, allowing them to benefit from top-quality castor wheels.

Apart from castor wheels, Logihub now offers a wide range of other products. Whether it's transport trolleys, furniture movers, hand trucks, jockey wheels for trailers, warehouse carts, or workshop accessories such as ear protectors, power strips, sealants, glue, tape, or tools, you'll find it all at Logihub. The convenience of one-stop-shopping.

Multiple brands under one roof

At Logihub, we prioritize quality, whether it's wheels or transport carts. Therefore, we offer not only our own brand of castor wheels but also products from other brands. For instance, we have Vanderfields ear protectors, transport trolleys and hand trucks from Fetra, the well-known WD-40 lubricant spray, Bison sealants, and MESO furniture dollies and other products for internal transport.

Almost every company and household use wheels. This makes us an ideal place to buy your castor wheels online, as well as other products directly through online ordering.

Wheels for every application

We work closely with our customers, continuously expanding our wheel assortment by actively listening to their needs. As a result, we cater to a wide range of wheel applications. For example, we supply many BBQ furniture makers, for whom our black wheels are an excellent fit. For indoor use, we often recommend streak-free rubber wheels, and odorless wheels are ideal for indoor applications. When it comes to outdoor use, one of the most challenging choices is for scaffolding builders. These wheels are intensively used in rough conditions, which sets high standards for quality and certification. Due to the reputation of Logihub's wheels for their quality, this is often why this group also chooses Logihub's wheels.

But the usage extends far beyond that. Recently, our castor wheels were used to move stage parts for the band Coldplay, which means our wheels are literally traveling the world.

The advantages of buying wheels at Logihub

Buying wheels online at Logihub is not only advantageous but also very easy. In addition to advice on selecting the right wheels, we always ensure prompt delivery of your order. Here are all the benefits of buying wheels at Logihub:

Wheels ordered before 12:00 are shipped the same day. Free shipping for orders over £ 300. A wide assortment of wheels and matching articles. A customer service team easily reachable via phone and email.

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